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MVI Update on Hospice Aggregate CAP Report
posted by MVI | Mar 6 2015 - 2:41pm

We have added the CMS-provided Aggregate CAP Report template to our website. Both the tool and the instructions are at http://www.multiviewinc.com/aggregate-cap-tool-cms . 

We are recommending that our clients use this template and submit it by the February 28, 2018 deadline. Most Hospices will find themselves safely under CAP. Too many will find themselves so far under CAP they may wish to address their short length-of-stay issues.

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Program: The MVI CFO Program
“This program was absolutely fantastic! Learning about the MVI Model enlightened me and inspired me to want to implement the necessary changes within our Hospice. Many thanks to Andrew and the MVI Team!”
Lori Thayer, Hospice of Stanly County