CYMA Accounting Software

The CYMA Hospice Bundle is now available! This bundle gives you a single user CYMA System including the F9 Report Writer for the low price of $2,995. Click Here to request more information.

A High Performance Accounting System Customized for Hospice
AND Ready for the New Cost Report

In 1997, we began a search for a high performance accounting system for hospices. The system needed to be affordable and allow flexible reporting to provide the information required now and in the future. CYMA emerged as our choice and is now the most commonly used accounting system in the hospice world.

Here's why:

  • It is easy to use and robust.
  • It comes in both Not-for-Profit and a For-Profit versions.
  • It can be integrated with most patient management systems. If it can’t integrate with CYMA, it can’t integrate. CYMA has POWERFUL integration capabilities includes Import/Export, ODBC, and Active X Controls.
  • It can be configured to easily apply operational statistics to financial data.
  • It functions with F9 and Crystal Reports. Many reporting tasks can be automated and more time can be spent analyzing information rather than creating it. F9 is the most powerful report writer available. We do not recommend any system that does not work with F9! With F9, financial reporting, access to financial data, and budgeting will never be the same. You will move from "stone & chisel" accounting to "state-of-the-art." Also, Crystal Reports is the most widely used report writer in the world. It can integrate information from a diverse range of software.
  • It can be customized. Unlimited custom fields may be added to the system.
  • It supports two budgets. One to be used for a static budget and the other for projections or a flex budget that moves with fluctuations of patient volume.
  • The General Ledger is very strong. It has a very flexible account structure (24 characters and 10 segments). This is important as the organization evolves or has special reporting needs.
  • In addition, we have developed the MVI CYMA Setup Pack. This package contains all of the elements needed to get started in this new world of accounting. It includes the Hospice Standard Chart of Accounts, Board Financial Statements, Management Financials, Analysis Templates, and the Hospice Budget System. These are powerful custom features for CYMA that will really help you perform work with the touch of a button! You will be able to apply operational statistics to your financials to create really powerful management reports and tools.
  • CYMA RealViews are available so that you can get CYMA help and training when and where you need it.
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For more information about CYMA Accounting Software, Click Here or call us at 828-698-5885.

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