The Extraordinary Clinical Manager Program is almost here!

April 5, 2017 - 11:34am -- bill.taylor@mul...

The Extraordinary Clinical Manager Program is fast approaching (April 22-24) and it will not be run again for a while as it is so intense! We just wanted to be considerate and get the word out! The other program to get on the schedule is People Development & the Model (May 24/26). This is one of MVI’s most impactful programs as all quality comes from your People Systems! This program just BUILDS as more Best Known Teaching Practices are discovered via benchmarking and are systemized!

In addition to Andrew teaching the new modules, Rita Burch, a TOP Hospice CEO Manager will be teaching on the mountaintop as well! Rita’s program has consistently run around 18-19% profit margin for over a decade! Without community support!!!! Whoa! Rutherford County lives and dies by the Model and has done so for years!

For more information on both of these programs go to www.multiviewinc.com/tough-training.

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Program: People Development & the Model
“Andrew, I am very thankful that my organization chose to send me to this workshop. I have learned SO much about how to be a better leader and TEACHER!”
Carla Story, RN, BSN, CHPH, Hospice of Hope