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Best Practices

The Illusion of Profitability - Profitability

The Leadership-Profitability Link - Management

The Myth of Size & Economies of Scale in Many Hospices - Profitability

The Paradigm of the Teaching Hospice - People Development

The Practices of IPU Outliers - Inpatient Units

The Role of Confidence in Selling - Growth

The Role of Financial Reserves - Profitability

The Top CFO Uses F9 and Unit Accounts - Management

The Two Kinds of Growth - Growth

Three Major Factors to Success of an IP Unit - Inpatient Units

Tips on Performance Compensation - Compensation

Training Commitment - People Development

Understanding the Nature of Best Practices and Human Behavior - Management

Use a Hospice Menu - Product Design

Using Field Devices - Integration

Visit Design Template

When NFPs Go Under - Profitability

When you hear something said well, WRITE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY! - Management

Where do you get Best Known Practices? - Management

Why Have an Inpatient Unit? - Inpatient Units



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Program: People Development & the Model
“Thank you for your time Andrew! I found this presentation almost scary at times, exciting and enlightened! I see this Model as VERY sound and can be implemented soundly…”
Lori Cherkessk, Hinds Hospice