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Visit Scenario 3 Script - Deep South

Visit Scenario 1 Script - Average American

Model Teaching Tool - v16.0

Visit Scenario 9 Script - Elegant Elton

Visit Scenario 4 Script - Service Failure

Visit Scenario 2 Script - Bad Experience

Visit Scenario 5 Script - The Visit From Hell

Visit Scenario 10 Script - Can't Do It Caregiver

Visit Scenario 8 Script - Arrogant Archabald

MVI Standard Hospice Reporting Package for F9 Version 5

MVI Standard Hospice Reporting Package for F9 Version 4

MVI Chart of Accounts for Hospice - QuickBooks

Aggregate CAP Tool from CMS

You Can't Be Extraordinary Without Extraordinary People Development Systems - Presentation Slides


Contract - Nursing Home Agreement Number Two

Model Decision Dashboard Demo


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Program: Clinical Leader Program
“This class has been the best 2 1/2 days I have ever spent in my life to help me with my career and I so thrilled by my CEO had the trust to send me here. I believe I have what is necessary to teach and perform at an exceptional level.”
Laurie Miller, Community Hospice