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Build Your Managers with Tough-Training from the Top Teachers in Hospice

MVI Tough-Training Modules teach Hospice clinicians and Managers how to balance purpose and profit in Hospice. These modules teach the "Why" of Hospice and build confidence in managers and future managers. All modules follow the "MVI Model" approach to Hospice management . . . the system that leads to unparalleled quality in Hospice along with high profitability.

Perhaps no other organization has meticulously considered and cared enough about the Hospice experience to breakdown and systematize everything from phone interactions to clinical visits to revolutionary bereavement to the economic welfare of the Hospice mission. After working with over 1,000 Hospices, MVI starts with Benchmarking for professional perspective and guides an organization all the way through the Model with its establishment of 1) Clear, 2) Impressive and 3) Sustainable Standards. Then via extraordinary People Development, a Hospice with near-flawless quality is created, where it can go “extended periods of time” and “thousands of visits” between complaints, service failures or documentation errors accompanied by phenomenal economic results. This is the reality in the Hospice world IF the practices of the 90th are adopted. In a healthcare world that is falling apart, there can be something that actually works… This can and should be your Hospice!  

These are the Learning Modules that can take your organization there.


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Program: The MVI CFO Program
“This program was absolutely fantastic! Learning about the MVI Model enlightened me and inspired me to want to implement the necessary changes within our Hospice. Many thanks to Andrew and the MVI Team!”
Lori Thayer, Hospice of Stanly County